Changing Places: Tackling race/religion hate crime in Greater Manchester

Images above captured on location, in Greater Manchester, during the recent Changing Places production.

Tackling race/religion hate crime in Greater Manchester

Hate Crime in Greater Manchester has doubled since 2013 to over 8,500 cases a year. It is estimated that race/religion hate crime accounts for over 90% of these reported cases.

Changing Places is a community-based project funded by the National Lottery that has been designed to help reduce rising hate crime in Greater Manchester by using innovative and immersive digital media technologies.

Mother Mountain Productions and it’s partners use¬†Virtual Reality techniques, as well as other conventional film formats, to put the general public in ‘the shoes’ of those victims experiencing hate crimes.

By using the most sophisticated 360 3D cameras to capture real-life situations, willing participants are immersed in an engaging and realistic hate crime scenario, thus directly sampling what it’s like to experience hate crime, from the victim’s viewpoint.

By re-living this experience, users, often for the first time, see for themselves some of the degrading and damaging outcomes linked with crimes of hate.


Together, let’s put a stop to it!


By educating the general public on how to identify possible crimes of hate in their immediate communities, it will allow these ‘groups’ to help ‘others’ live their lives free from fear so that they too can fulfil their potential as active members of society.

Through our immersive videos we:

  1. Positively change viewer’s attitudes of race/religion hate crime;
  2. Measure whether our digital interventions have had a positive effect on hate crime in Greater Manchester;
  3. Establish what media style works best to change assumptions lessen racial tensions in the Greater Manchester area.

Changing Places is a Virtual Reality Project funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.

Project collaborators include Manchester Muslim Community, Red Yeti Films, and Digilab.

If you are interested in this project or would like to use our immersive resources in your community, college, or public space, please contact Jude Limb on:

Posted on 4th February 2019 in Mother Mountain Productions

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